CREATE HARMONY and skip rivalry. Share your story with new people you’ve come to trust. BE MINDFUL of the ‘nice’ moments. practice empathy every day.  PRACTICE HYGGE with family. To create good feelings you do not need a lot of people. You can achieve it with just one other person.  MAKE YOUR SPACE BEAUTIFUL; whatever that means to you.  INDULGE YOUR LOVE of soft warm things, fresh flowers, pumpkins, baking, thick pads of paper, that keepsake from when you were six.  Make these things part of your space.

COCOONING IN CANADA – Getting ready for the snows of winter

Cocooning, according to the Urban Dictionary means: to take vacation or comfort in the solitude one’s own home—in effect wrapping oneself up, away from crowds or busy other places.


FALL IS A NICE TIME to review the road so far and be grateful for how far you’ve come.  MAYBE YOU HAVEN’T DONE ALL that you planned (Covid has put the brakes on all of us) or achieved anything you set out to way back in January, but you are here, and not in the same place so can keep moving forward at whatever pace.  TAKE SOME TIME to relook at your new year’s goals and reflect on all that’s happened, and be thankful for the things that you can still do.  HOW CAN YOU END THIS YEAR on a high note? Are there things you can let go of so you can greet 2021 with a free and open heart?


FALL IS THE TIME OF YEAR WHEN my mother, 88 at the time, passed away.  Though she was elderly and I knew the day would come, I wasn’t ready.  Her End Of Life Cycle taught me a lot though …

How to feel completely lost and then somehow strangely found. That pain and hopelessness can be the base of new hope. That letting go can bring an odd sense of weightless relief that is a gateway to sure footing again.


Give in to the pull for coziness, contented feelings, comfort food, and calm and easy evenings.  Make no apologies when you retreat to your comfort zone and that welcomed solace and quality time you enjoy spending by yourself.  Take time to recharge and breath.  It will do your body and soul fresh good.


APPRECIATE THE GOODNESS, WARMTH AND COMFORT IN YOUR LIFE.  Take pleasure in routine and the things that are familiar.  They bring a wonderful sense of comfort and reassurance that life continues on and everyone moves in their own way.  *  FEEL GOOD WHERE YOU ARE.  Make it beautiful. Make it comfortable. Make it cozy.  Surround yourself with your creature comforts.  *  NOURISH YOUR SOUL.  Bring warm and happiness to your heart with familiar things, music and meditations.   *  LIVE IN THE MOMENT (when your mind races forward and goes crazy with too many thoughts of what if, maybe I should, why didn’t I, someday I could…) bring yourself back by focusing on what’s around you and right before you.   *   TAKE STOCK OF FIVE THINGS around you and name them: tree, park bench, stop sign, yellow car, sleeping dog.  Sometimes it might take naming ten things, or just three to bring yourself out of a thought spin and back to the present.  *   MOVE FORWARD and find direction. Do not be afraid to create a new comfort zone.

“Enjoy the quiet moments.”


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