A Girl in Ajax (Finally making time)


She never had time for herself. She never made time for herself.

She knew she should make time for herself, but could just never find the time. Then 2020 rolled in and forced her to spend time by herself. And she wondered, in the still moments of being home, where had all the time gone?

Why hadn’t she done this before? 

She walked. And walked. Outside in nature. And discovered a beauty she only glanced at before. The trails. The waterfront. The pathways and landscapes that were just beyond her own backyard and sometimes just steps outside her front door.

She realized there’s beauty in walking, and a certain peace that cannot be found anywhere else but in nature.

It is important to be still.

Capture moments.

Stop, breathe and take a moment to enjoy blessings. 

Make the time.  Take the time.  Shape your life so you have the time. 

2020 has forced a new path. One foot in front of the other.  Just keep going…

Waterfront Trail. Ajax. Ontario. Canada

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