She’s smart, sassy, and able to handle any SEAL. He’s honourable, tenacious and will earn his right to have her.

He’s honourable, tenacious, and has his focus fixed on her. He isn’t aware he’s in love, only that his duty is to his queen. She a sorority sister alumna and knows how to handle a dominating SEAL. She lives her own life, but if he earns her trust and respect, she’ll let him feel her heat.


SEALs N Sorority Sisters Series #1

Military, alpha hero, rescue, romance

“Trust me, Kitten. I’ve done this before.”

Evie has embedded trust issues. Maddox is an honorable Navy SEAL. When their steamy encounters become too intense, and Evie attempts to flee to her comfort zone, Maddox turns up the heat to a drastic level.


SEALs N Sorority Sisters Series #2

Military, alpha hero, marriage struggle baby, romance

Fealty to family and history

He comes home from his latest mission, expecting to be hailed his family’s hero. Instead, she tosses him legal papers as she walks out the door. Can he romance her back now that she’s reconnected with her childhood inner spirit and cultural home?


SEALs N Sorority Sisters Series #3

Military, alpha hero, not friends to second chance lovers, romance

She’s an academic. He’s a SEAL beast.

Martha has finally landed her dream job, only to be disillusioned by academic snobbery. Zeke showing up is the last thing she needs. She’s determined to forget their first meet. He’s Hell bent on getting a second chance.

“Promise me next time you let loose in my arms we’ll be naked in my bed.”


SEALs N Sorority Sisters Series #4

Military, alpha hero, friends to lovers, romance

Thrown for an unexpected marriage loop.

Marcus and Max are teammates and best friends. They prefer casual hook ups after an operation, so coming face to face with that one special woman has stopped them in their tracks.

Marcus and Samara

Max and Hannah

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