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“Yup! my first few books were ghostwritten.  It’s how I built my writing confidence.”


I’m a Canadian romance writer with a head full of stories and not enough time to write. So, I’m hopeful to get them all out sometime before the turn of the century! 

My inspiration to write alpha hero love stories and the women who can manage them comes from being a total action movie hound.

Given the choice, I tend to write highly romanticized everyday life stories with over-the-top heroes and introverted but weirdly spirited heroines that have no business being together, but have history, so can’t stay away from each other.



FROM WHERE DO I HAIL? Canada girl, born and raised by West Indian parents, Trinidad and Tobago.   WHAT DO I WRITE?  Alpha hero romance stories and the women who can love them.  WHAT ELSE DO I DO?  English professor and early childhood education.   HOW DO I ZEN?  Hot coffee and a long drive so I can listen to a podcast or audiobook.   THE BEST HOUSE NOISE?  Hearing one of my sons suddenly start laughing out loud.  You can hear them all over the house and it always makes me smile.

MY MESSIEST LIFE MOMENT?  Coming upon my husband of 22 years in the bushes with his affair partner.  Nothing was the same after that.  WHAT DID I DO?   I focused on me and did everything that was right for my own life until I pushed through that dark time.  It took a while but I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and wouldn’t let myself stop.  I knew if I did I’d fall over … and never get back up!  

WHO HELP ME THROUGH THE DARKEST TIMES?  My girl posse, sisters, and best friend.  Thanks, ladies!

WHERE AM I GOING?  To the Maldives!  I’ll know I have arrived in life when I can afford to spend a week on vacation in the Maldives. WHAT MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME?  How to keep going.  She once said, “If that’s what you have to do to keep things going, then that’s what you do to keep things going.”  I can’t even remember the situation, just her words.  She was a single mom with four daughters.

HER MOMENT WITH THE KING.  This book was my baby.  A sweet dream fantasy I couldn’t get out of my head while going through my divorce.  When I finally sat down to write it, I pounded it out in a few hours!

MY RISE! MOMENT?   When I realized and accepted that life is messy and could be unfair, and you just have to let go to be happy, especially if you want to rebuild your life.

Live with intention. Act with purpose. Be meaningful.

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