He crossed the line.  She’ll never be done making him pay. 

Emma Bonofasi is finally content.  After two years of struggling, the finalization of her divorce is just a heartbeat away. 

Jericho Bonofasi will not have it.  Impending divorce or not, Emma is still his wife and when someone or something threatens her, it’s always his duty to keep her safe.

Emma is livid when forced into hiding with Jericho.  His undercover work destroyed their marriage and now it’s going to destroy her peace?  No way.  She will use every minute of this forced confinement to make him feel the same level of pain and fall out she and their marriage did at the hands of his undercover work. 

He crossed the line.  She’ll never be done making him pay.  After all she’d learned from the best.

Jericho is determined to remind Emma why their marriage, though volatile at times, was perfect.  He screwed up.  He knows that, but nobody knows Emma like he does, and if he has to fight dirty to win her back, he will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Emma and Jericho’s week of push you, pull me interactions explode and when the pieces settle neither of them is prepared for the end result.

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He’s the most loyal and protective man in her life. 

He’s a Navy SEAL.   He’s her husband.                                        

She’s still suing him for wrongful pregnancy and breach of contract.

Senior Chief Thomas Perkins comes home from his latest mission, expecting to be hailed as his family’s weekend warrior.

Instead, his wife tosses him legal papers as she walks out the door.

She’s suing him for wrongful pregnancy and breach of contract?  The last time they were together, he’d promised to pull out.  Now she’s pregnant with their six child. 

Mary Jane Perkins had been looking forward to entering the ‘me years’ chapter of her life now that all of her children were finally in school full time.  The proverbial shop was supposed to be close, giving her time to pursue her own endeavors. Now it was all going down in a hail of renewed baby care.

Beleaguered, she goes home to Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard to lick her wounds, but immediately finds herself immersed in family history that steeps her true spirit and rejuvenates her soul.  Just when she starts to rediscover herself in the one place where she is just Maisey, Thomas arrives begging her to come home.

Can Mary Jane go back to her chaotic family life and Boston elite responsibilities of being Mrs. Thomas Perkins III? 

Pregnancy hormones have made things between her and Thomas hotter than ever, but her time away has renewed her perspective on what it means to be herself, and even though Martha’s Vineyard is the place where she and Thomas’s relationship began, does she want to return to the life they once had? 

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“I’ve never had an orgasm, Jason.  It’s my big secret.  Well, that and I like to grind.  So far, no man I’ve been with knows what to do with me.”  

EVIE PENNYWORTH has trust issues, so ends up choosing all the wrong men to save herself disappointment when the relationship inevitably goes South.

Except when it comes to JASON MADDOX, the hot SEAL that’s always there to save her ass and protect her from her own bullshit.

With Maddox, there will be orgasms if she can just let go and trust him.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is one spicy read!

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“I will not let you leave me, Katrin…”

After enduring a disastrous unconsummated marriage, Katherine Alesander-Casey lights up her wedding dress in an abandoned bucket and puts all of her enraged energy into proving to her ex-husband and her employer that she is not someone to be academically trifled with.

Determined not to be a victim, she storms toward her sabbatical year in Europe intent on success.  Finding herself taken to live under the pampered ‘protection’ of Santiago James-Ibarra in far off Basque Country, was not what she had in mind.

Santiago’s sole purpose in life is to guard his family’s ancient honor and sacred line against scandal. Having just spent the past two years warding off international disgrace at his brother’s hand,  Katherine threatens all his efforts when she turns up unconscious in his limo.

With her unintentional kidnapping comes a potential squall of very public dishonor, exactly what he does not need after finally returning home to his private villa, free of the headache and dangerous temptation that is Ms. Alesander-Casey. 

Their hearts come together in a wild tangle of passion, but they lives are in different worlds.

Fall in love with Santiago and Katherine’s story.

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“Black girl rising. Outlaw falling in love.

VANESSA DAVIS has to return home from Christian College to face her ex-deacon father, but before she does is determined to fulfill her graduation bucket list first. 

She will experience an orgasm to something without batteries! 

SPIKE STEPHENS is not used to this new crazy Vanessa but will protect her at all costs. Even from herself! Her father, president of their rogue MC, trusts Spike to bring her safely home through the latest border war chaos. 

Vanessa knows the rules. She is off limits to Spike, not only because she’s the boss’s daughter, but their lifestyles are religiously worlds apart. 

Have the years apart cooled the heat between Vanessa and Spike, or just simmered their differences until their blend can now ignite? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a spicy read that will shock most church mice!

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“She never thought she’d see him again.  Now’s he’s back and a King!”

Matt was the one man Georgia could not forget even though she made sure she would never see him again after their scandalous night together eight years ago.

So, when he walks into the Niagara-on-the-Lake bistro one snowy holiday evening, she is horrified and looks for the first place to hide. 

Matt is still the devastatingly handsome, suave and sophisticated man her heart remembers and trusted so dearly years ago. Only this time she finds out he’s a king in his own country; a detail that went unmentioned during their brief time together. 

Now, Georgia has a secret of her own. Their beautiful moment together produced this new king an heir!

AUTHOR NOTE:  This is a sweet romance

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A fan fiction fairytale…

Bijan and Amaia’s story.

He rode at the head of the Persian Army.

She was chosen to be his princess to foster peace among the kingdoms.

Taking her was a mistake he would make them regret.

Travel back in time to when love and honour reigned…

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She’s the only woman he loves, but will take her to safety if it kills him …

MERCURY CARDINAL, the quietly intense and dedicated captain of Chimera Team: a secret division of Canada’s JTF2 Special Operations, has one mission tonight.  Get Daria Hill from the safety of her bed, through the rebels who just overtook the embassy, to the rendezvous helicopter on the other side of town.

Guarding Daria has been Mercury’s long standing cover assignment when not on special operations missions, protecting her is sacred, and even though their relationship has changed, he finally admitted her loves her before letting himself loose between her silk sheets, he knows he has to get her to safety and let her go . . .

After finally admitting his love for her, Mercury let’s himself loose between Daria’s silk sheets the same night the embassy is over run with rebels.  Now he must get her to safety and let her go…

Download the short short

Take Flight is a free prequel to the full length novel: Warrior Lover Father Mercury

Stories of shame can die if told to the right person in a safe place.

MERCURY CARDINAL, born into violence on a native reservation then raised in the streets, has learned to control his anger issues as the captain of a special operations team within Canada’s elite JTF2 unit.

DARIA HILL is the cool headed daughter of a Canadian black father and widowed Korean business woman.

Once, in charge of Daria’s security, Mercury has learned to never let her out of his site. A relationship between them was forbidden which makes their daughter a well-guarded secret.

When Daria finds out her mother bought her daughter’s kidney on the black market, it unravels a mess of lies that leaves everyone reeling.

Mercury is powerless when Daria relapses from the trauma of her long ago kidnapping, and Daria cannot manage Mercury’s rage when his own family history painfully resurfaces. 

With so many scars torn open to bleed, it seems impossible for the two of them to keep going together.

When things that are dead do not stay dead, and the past deeds of parents rise up to choke their children, the secret stories of shame can crush even the strongest of hearts. 

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He’s an ex-Russian gangster and she’s his African American queen.

Yuri and Savannah are a wildly passionate couple in a crazy volatile marriage.

These are their stories.

Find Her Keep Her.  Stay or Go.  Now He’s Gone.

Their stories are often featured in my romance reader newsletters.


What happened at the bachelor party didn’t stay there.


He’s not the man you thought you married.


And the Bratva is your family.

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