Slow Living

Sunday is the perfect day to live slow.


Slow living is making the conscious decision to slow down your life’s pace and make the choice to stop being so busy. It is doing the things that are meaningful and fulfilling at a down tempo so you have time to thoroughly enjoy your everyday experiences.

Slow living is a journey toward long term changes to your personal quality of life and lifestyle. It is taking a moment to decide upon an acceptable level of life stress and not tolerating anything more, while steadily maintaining the things you what to keep in your life and eliminating the things you don’t.

Get comfortable with saying no to negative provocation.

Learn to down shift your busyness level to a peaceful stride.


  • Start slow and gradually downshift into a more peaceable momentum to your day.
  • Create space in your life to take your time.
  • Adopt a slow information diet. Apply digital minimalism by decluttering your digital life.
  • Commit to putting your life and emotional needs before work.
  • Create your own everyday routines and touchstone rituals for relaxation. Regularly engage in the things that give you a sense of peace and stillness in your day.
  • Spend your free time on a hobby rather than watching TV. Be conscious of how you spend your free time. Make something from scratch: bake bread, knit, brew beer, sew…
  • Get comfortable with boredom. You do not have to always be doing something.
  • Keep holidays simple and protect your peace.

Be in nature way more often and make space in your life to regularly be outside.


Developed in Japan during the 1980s, forest bathing, forest therapy (or shinrin-yoku) broadly means taking in, using all of one’s senses within the forest atmosphere. It is not simply a walk in the woods, it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

Think of it like a calming meditation that helps you appreciate the calm beauty of your surroundings that allows you to relax and reflect while improving your focus in a soothing setting.

Leave your electronics or any other distractions behind, so you can be fully present to wander aimlessly and allow your body to take you wherever it wants to.

Pause from time to time, to look more closely at a leaf or notice the sensation of the path beneath your feet. Walk slowly and stop often. Find a comfortable spot to take a seat and listen to the sounds around you.

Forest bathing takes place at a slow, almost meditative pace. Take your time and look around as you stroll along on a forest path. Engage your senses and observe your surroundings. Stop every once in awhile and sit or look up and all around.

Be still.

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Author: Alexandra Isobel Interracial Romance Writer - QUIETribe

Canadian romance writer who sees the romance in everyday life, and mixes it into her stories. She thrives on visual inspiration so is a diehard movie junkie and photography hound - both of which keep her imagination humming. She's definitely an introvert who secretly lusts after her alpha hero characters!

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