Mari Me


Chapter ONE


Marianne Kent opened her eyes to Jake Langdon’s intense blue-eyed stare. What the fuck?

Jake?” She opened her mouth to scream, but his strong hand covered her mouth. His other hand tangled mercilessly in her new curly extensions.

He leaned down so they were nose to nose. “What the fuck are you doing in bed with my brother?”

Her eyes darted to Henry, lying in his rumpled hipster skinny clothes, passed out and snoring on top of the cheap motel comforter beside her. His red hair tousled across his pale angelic face, a complete contrast to his brother’s slightly tanned chiseled features, dark-blond hair, and muscled soldier’s physique.

Asshole. This was not her situation to explain. It was Henry’s. He’d gotten her into this damn cross-country adventure, now Jake was back and on her ass like a demon?

Jake dropped his green duffle bag onto the floor. “Fuck.”

“What are you doing here?” her hopelessly muffled voice said against his calloused palm. Her eyes flicked the dark inked patterns and letters highlighted on his forearm. She could barely see him, though the neon light outside dimly illuminated the room. Not that she needed a light to know it was Jake. She’d know his masculine scent and the expression on his pissed once broken nose, and perfectly squared jaw anywhere.

She shifted beneath the scratchy covers, though his six-foot-four frame loomed over her. Her soft body was no match for Jake’s hard knee, which he used on top of the covers to keep her trapped in place.

His gaze flicked to Henry then back to her, clearly furious.


Finally, home from wherever his SEAL duty had taken him. Most likely he’d expected her to be at the door back in Virginia, wagging her tail like a puppy’s welcome home. It was, after all, what she usually did. Mind you, this time he’d been forewarned. She was done pacing the floor and wringing her hands in agonized worry while he ran off risking his life for the red, white and blue.

She had a life to live. A good one now that she was about to graduate.

Henry groaned and turned beside her, snoozing right through the traumatic reunion he’d inadvertently created.

Jake’s fingers tightened in her hair. “Eyes. Here.”

Dammit. She didn’t just spend ten hours on this weave only to have him pull it out.

“I want fuckin’ answers to my questions.”

She narrowed her eyes and pressed her back teeth together. How was she supposed to answer anything with his mammoth-sized paw clamped down on her mouth?

She grunted and struggled to sit up.

Jake tossed back the covers, grasped both her wrists in one hand and forced them over her head while his iron-hard body pushed her to the middle of the bed. She uselessly battled against his muscled chest, her nipples tightening with the sparks of friction as his long jean-clad legs tangled with her bare ones.

She flinched, because just like that she was spread out facing him, her dark form flush against his white one, arms overhead, the rest of her body forcibly entangled with his. Excitement and heat thrummed through her system. He had successfully dominated and titillated her at the same time.


“Start. Talking.” He lifted his hand slowly, the glint in his eyes harsher than she’d ever seen. And she’d seen Jake royally pissed right off. From petty jealousy to unbridled rage, she’d dealt with him through a full range of emotions. “And it better be good, because I’m about ten seconds away from committing murder one.”

“Get off of me.” She silently railing against her exposed vulnerability. Their skirmish had raised the hem of her t-shirt to show her thin panties, an advantage he exploited by pressing the rough cloth of his jeans against her naked thigh. Could she help marveling at their erotic color contrast? It had been months since they’d last been wrapped together.

She struggled again, and he grasped her round hip, grinding his determined pelvis up against her barely veiled ’V’. Her tummy fluttered against his now that he had her more intimately pinned.

“Now,” he jerked his head toward Henry, but his intense blue eyes stayed on her, “what the fuck are you doing in my brother’s bed?”

“It’s,” she squirmed against his hold, but he had lodged his long hard length completely into her softness, “a long sordid story.”

“Shorten it.”

“First,” she looked up at her clamped wrists, both still encased and pressed into the cheap pillow by his one hand, “let me go.”

“Not a chance,” he said coldly. “You’re not going anywhere.” He settled himself further, the movement of his hard length, encased in his jeans sending sharp frissons of heat right through her feminine nub.

God. Where in hell was her will power? It wasn’t like she’d never rejected a man before. But this was impossible. He was impossible.

Yet, dammit if she didn’t roll that nub against her panty and his abrasive jeans. It was so easy to respond to him. Elemental. It always had been, ever since she was thirteen, him fifteen and they had lain together in the tall grass during their summer in the Hamptons. It started out innocently enough, lying and giggling together, staring up at the clouds on a long summer day. Then they’d started wrestling, then kissing, then making love the way only two horny teenagers could. Wild. Naked. Outdoors. For hours.

“I’m not telling you anything until you get off of me.” What did he think this was anyway? Some kind of betrayal? She’d told him they were done before he left. Granted, she was here with his younger brother, technically in bed, but it wasn’t like she was bangin’ his little brother. It was Henry for god’s sakes. The family screw-up. When something went wrong in the Langdon family, all eyes fell on Henry. She was the victim here and, if anything, in the process of being fleeced by the youngest Langdon—right out of her graduate studies tuition fees for saving his ass.

“I’m not going anywhere until you either talk to me,” Jake leaned into her further, his hard mouth descending onto hers, “or fuck me right here.”

“You’re crazy,” she said against his lips.

“Really? You think this is crazy?” He rocked his hard length into her, making her clitoris quiver in response. “I’ve just come half way around the world to find my girl in bed with my little brother.” His fingers tightened on her hip.

She loved the way his white hand looked on her brown skin. It ignited every passion inside her system.

“Three-thousand miles after weeks of seeing and doing gutter shit to find my girl gone—taken off and two States over in a shitty motel bed with my brother.” He moved his hips in a rhythm against her panties. “Fuckin’ crazy.”

She inhaled deeply, gritting her teeth against the hot ache he was purposefully building in her.

“And all I want to do is fuck her back into being mine.”

The way he growled his words made her arch against him, feeling like a cat in raptured heat, with her flames desperately needing somewhere to go. She was either going to run screaming or scream at him to make her come. “How did you even find us?”

He leaned in closer and pressed his tongue between her lips. “I’ll always find my girl. You should know that by now. But especially after she threatened to leave me. Break up with me before I leave for deployment. I made you a promise that day, remember?”

She accepted his tongue with an achy whimper. It was Heaven and pure genius the way he kissed her, stroked her, stoking her fire with his synchronized rhythm of plundering her mouth, and the way he moved his hips, rubbing his hot length across her aching nub.

She desperately wanted him to make her come. “Jake,” she moaned his name in a needy whisper.

He ran a strong finger along her inner thigh then gripped the bottom of her t-shirt. “His shirt comes off. Now.” He pulled it up over her head, making her breasts wobble before him, the sudden cool breeze tightening her dark nipples into buds. “You’re in bed with another man, wearing his shirt?” he ground out the words before tangling his fingers in the side of her panties. With a quick tear, he yanked them over off her hip, and down her thighs, leaving her naked.

He held her eyes as he released her wrists. “Stay.”

She needed to reassure him. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“It fuckin’ better not be.” He slid his palm over her pussy, thumbing her clit as he pressed his longest finger into her at the same time. “Because you’re my woman.”

“God, Jake!

“You’re so fucking wet. Still so fucking tight. You better not have given him anything that’s mine.” He pressed down and circled her nub, massaged it and pumped his finger deeper inside of her until she closed her eyes and moaned.

“Eyes on me,” he demanded, rolling her clit between two of his fingers. “You remember my promise?” He leaned down and took one of her dark nipples between his eager teeth.

“God, Jake. This is…is…so wrong.” She arched into his mouth, moving her hips against his hand, trying to relieve herself, make herself come hard and fast. “We can’t. Henry’s right next to us for god’s sakes.”

Jake squeezed his teeth around her nipple. “Fuck him.”

Oh, God. She spread her thighs and bucked against his hand.

“My promise. Tell me,” he demanded, his mouth still on her breast.

“You said that you’d fuck me wherever you found me. When you came home.”

“That’s right.” He slid his tongue in circles around her hard nipple. “And now I’m home. And I’ve found you. And I’m gonna make good on my promise.” He unzipped his pants, and with a few movements, he gripped her shoulder and her hip, and thrust inside of her, driving her body up the bed.


He thrust and thrust, pounding against her g-spot. Building. Building, and driving against that pleasure point. She thrusted and rubbed back until she panted his name and whined her need against the satisfied smile across his mouth.

“That’s right, baby. Tell me… tell me,” he coaxed her, and ground his hips in circles, seating himself deep each time until. . . .

She sunk her nails into his shoulders and screamed, “Jake! Oh God, Jake!” Henry stopped snoring and jerked awake. “What the fuck?”

Jake let go as she climaxed around him, plunging into her like a demon, growling into her ear. “Fuck, baby—so hot—so tight—fuckin’ missed you—my girl—” He rooted himself balls deep and burst hot jets of come inside her quivering body, hips jerking and twitching without any kind of control.

Henry rolled over. ” Jake? That you?”

Jake reared up, still jerking inside of her when he leaned over her and punched Henry square in the face, the force sending his barely awake brother off the bed and crashing onto the floor.

Marianne shrieked in horror. ” You killed him!”


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