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CHURCH MOUSE ON HIS MOTORCYCLE – “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.  I’ll do it three times and take a picture!”

Black girl rising.  Outlaw falling in love.

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A SEAL TO SLAY DRAGONS – “Is it possible to climax so hard you faint?”

Evie Pennyworth has trust issues, so ends up choosing all the wrong men to save herself disappointment when the relationship goes South.  Except when it comes to Jason Maddox, the hot SEAL that’s always there to save her ass and call bullshit on her latest screw up.  

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed?  Try twenty-five and never orgasmed!  But, with Maddox, there will be orgasms.  

Can Evie just let go and trust Maddox to slay her dragons?

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HER PREGNANT – “Once he was my Greek God.  Now’s he’s nothing but a God-damned Greek!” 

After several high pressure combat missions, Navy SEAL Thyssen Skalas responds to the news from his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte Jones that he’s to be a father by questioning the child’s paternity.  He’s been away so what the Hell?

Three years later, after being thrown out of Charlotte’s life and the military, he back home again, this time with a professional killer on his tail.

Can Thyssen win back Charlotte and the right to protect to her and his young son?

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The SEALs Undivorce Cover





THE SEAL’S UNDIVORCE – “I don’t know exactly what a grass widow is, but I’m sick to death of being one!”

Jacob Sanders arrives home from a heartbreaking deployment to find the love letters from his estranged wife are actually divorce papers. Clearly, the mother of his five children has decided to move on.

Danika Sanders has gotten her groove back. After a long bout of postpartum depression, she’s finally strong enough to deal with her SEAL husband.

Will an unexpected shooter put an end to all Jacob and Danika hold dear, or tie the threads of their dying relationship together so they have a saving knot to hold onto?  

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MARI ME – “Is that the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?”

 Marianne Kent is fed up waiting around for her tenuous SEAL boyfriend Jake Langdon.  She is on the cusp of graduating with her Masters and starting a life of her own.  But, when Jake’s younger brother, Henry comes to her desperate for help, she can’t say no.

When Jake arrives home from his latest mission to find Mari in bed with his brother,  jealous rage drives him to seduce her into hot sex while his brother sleeps beside them.

Will Henry’s explanation of angry bikers, an unpaid ransom and their mother be enough to get Marianne and Jake back together for good this time?  

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