Swirl World


There is nothing sexier than a committed man.

“She is my queen.  I am her man.  That will not change.”

These men are already in love and will not let go or give her up without a fight.


A SEAL TO SLAY DRAGONS ~ With him there will be orgasms

SEAL TO SLAY (1)“Sweet sixteen and never been kissed? Try twenty-five and never climaxed!”

EVIE PENNYWORTH has trust issues, so ends up choosing all the wrong men to save herself disappointment when the relationship inevitably goes South.

Except when it comes to JASON MADDOX, the hot SEAL that’s always there to save her ass and call bullshit on her latest screw up. With Maddox, there will be orgasms if she can just let go and trust him.

Can Maddox control his sexual beast long enough to cajole out Evie’s trust? Will Evie get past her sexual quirks and allow Maddox to finally rock her world?


CHURCH MOUSE “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.  I’ll do it three times and take a picture!”

VANESSA DAVIS has to return home from Christian College to face her ex-deacon father to resolve some issues, but before she does is determined to fulfill her graduation bucket list first. She will experience an orgasm to something without batteries!

SPIKE STEPHENS is not used to this crazy new Vanessa but will protect her at all costs, even from herself. Her father trusts him to bring her home safely through the latest border war chaos.

Vanessa knows the rules. She is off limits to Spike, not only because she’s the boss’s daughter, but their lifestyles are religiously worlds apart.

Have the years apart cooled the heat between Vanessa and Spike, or just simmered their differences to a blend that can now ignite?


Find Her Keep Her (8)

“What does a woman do when what happened at her husband’s bachelor party doesn’t stay there?

It’s a bright and sunny very normal afternoon when Savannah opens her email to find photos of her husband, Yuri tied to a chair with his pants around his ankles and a stripper between his thighs, at his bachelor party.

Savannah and Yuri have been happily married for two years.  

Should Savannah now give Yuri a pass for his wild bachelor party behaviour?


Herpregnant cover

 “Once he was my Greek God.  Now’s he’s nothing but a God-damned Greek!” 

After several high-pressure combat missions, Navy SEAL Thyssen Skalas responds to the news from his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte Jones that he’s to be a father by questioning the child’s paternity.  He’s been away so what the Hell? Three years later, after being thrown out of Charlotte’s life and the military, he back home again, this time with a professional killer on his tail.

Can Thyssen win back Charlotte and the honour to protect her and their young son?


The SEALs Undivorce Cover

“I don’t know exactly what a grass widow is, but I’m sick to death of being one!”

Jacob Sanders arrives home from a heartbreaking deployment to find the love letters from his estranged wife are actually divorce papers. Clearly, the mother of his five children has decided to move on. Danika Sanders has gotten her groove back. After a long bout of postpartum depression, she’s finally strong enough to deal with her SEAL husband.

Will an unexpected shooter put an end to all Jacob and Danika hold dear, or tie the threads of their dying relationship together so they have a saving knot to hold onto?