A SEAL to Slay Dragons

Chapter ONE

Jason Maddox, narrowed his eyes on Evie Pennyworth as she strolled out the women’s washroom at the back of the hipster bar, pleased as can be, casually as ever, nothing to see here folks, except that her mass of peanut coloured hair was now all tied up with her thong. 

For fuck’s sake.  Jason bit down on his jaw.  Barely a month and the woman had snuck under his radar and heightened every protective instinct in his SEAL trained body.  He tracked her as she threaded her way through the crush of people, smiling as if it was a Sunday morning and she was out for a casual stroll. 

Unbelievable.  She went into the head happy as can be, head full of her girly fruity drinks, her pert ass tucked into a way too short dress, hips swaying as she walked, her trim height propped up in a pair of the classiest come-fuck-me heels he’d ever seen, now she strolls out lookin’ hotter than ever, golden skin all fresh-faced and flushed, everything about her screaming girl next door needing to be laid. 

Jason watched her sit back down at the table of squealing giggling women.  There was going to be a fight in this honky tonk tonight.  Her girlfriend’s bachelorette party was totally out of control, hootin’ and hollerin at the boy band’s caterwauling, their peals of laughter echoing off the walls, three of the women throwing rolled up bills at the smirking guitarist.  Thank fuck they were all too drunk to notice Evie’s thong in her hair. 

“This why you dragged me all the way out here?”  Georgeman plunked two beers onto the table and sat down.  “There are good enough bars back in Onyx County.  Leave it to you to search out the most backwoods place in Virginia.  You know I can’t stomach these recknecks turned hipster shit mama’s boys.” 

Maddox lifted the side of his mouth as he scanned the crush of patrons, particularly the young asshats Georgeman referred to in the far corner.  The lot of them were supposedly playing pool, though not one of them knew the upside of a cue.  Fucking idiots couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag for drooling as they watched the bachelorette table, watched Evie. 

Maddox sat forward and drank down some of his beer.  Two of women at the table jumped up and started grinding together to the music, hands raised and squealing another one joined in dragging Evie up into their fray.  Bound up hair bouncing down her naked back, the barely-there dress showing way too much of her deep hued skin, every time she threw up her hands and circled her hips the bottom of her skirt rose to dangerous revealing levels. 

Maddox lifted the side of his mouth as he watched her try to subtly tug down her hem.

“Quite a party.”  Georgeman leaned over and shook his head.  “Think we should … do something?” 

Maddox drank his beer.   “Those women can take care of themselves.”  He glanced over the bride-to-be, the ringleader of the bunch.  Jessemay Andrews was in the reserves and set to marry Ian Duncan the third.  If she couldn’t kick the ass of any trouble that found her, the Duncan’s money tree would. 

“Her friend is kind of cute.”  Georgeman nodded to Evie’s friend, Tori now using a wine bottle as a microphone to sing along with the band. 

Maddox shook his head then frowned as the men from the corner circled in on the table.  Two of the women immediately turned and started dancing with them, another one accepted a drink handed to her, Tori passed her microphone to Evie as she allowed herself to be danced into the line that was forming. 

Maddox watched Evie slide through the crowd toward his table. 

“My cue,” Georgeman picked up his beer and headed toward the line of gyrating bodies headed toward the dance floor. 

Maddox looked back just as Evie sat down in his lap.  “Imagine seeing you here?  I didn’t think the army ever let you off that leash they keep you on.”

“Navy,” She laid herself across his thighs and started singing into the wine bottle.  “And apparently they do.”

She sat up and put her arms around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder.  “Please don’t let any of them take me home.” She whispered against his ear. 

His jaw tightened.  “They won’t.”  He stood up and set her on her feet, balancing her between his hands as she swayed.  “I’m the only one takin’ you home tonight.”

She held onto his dog tags and smiled up at him.  “Thank you.  I barely know you but you’re my knight in army armor now.”

 “Navy, honey.  I’m in the Navy.”

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