Spanish Security


Spanish Security PIXABAY (7)After enduring a disastrous unconsummated marriage, Katherine Alesander-Casey lights up her wedding dress and puts all of her enraged energy into proving to her ex-husband and her employer that she is not someone to be academically trifled with.

Determined not to be a victim, she storms toward her sabbatical year in Europe intent on success.  Success is the best revenge after all.

Spanish Security PIXABAY (12)Finding herself taken to live under the pampered ‘protection’ of Santiago James-Ibarra in far off Basque Country, was not what she had in mind.

Santiago James-Ibarra’s sole purpose in life is to guard his family’s ancient honor and sacred line against scandal. Katherine Alesander-Casey threatens both when turns up unconscious in his limo.  With her comes a potential storm of international trouble, exactly what he does not need after finally returning home to his family’s villa.  Only he can’t exactly leave her on the side of the road.

Spanish Security Cover

Their hearts come together in a wild tangle of passion, but they lives are in completely different worlds.  After two weeks of being forced together, can Santiago and Katrin return to their own corners of the world?

Fall in love with Santiago and Katrin’s story.  Read chapter one.

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