What My Stories are Really About

People often ask me, where on earth do you come up with your story ideas?  And honestly, they just come to me … often at the strangest times.

But there is always something, some spark of an idea that captures my interest and takes hold until I blend it into a story. 

Most of the time it’s something quirky and ridiculous … a what would happen if . . . thought that takes off running through my mind until I get it down on paper.

FIND HER. KEEP HER.  What if the heroine, after two years of happy marriage, came across very explicit photos of her husband at his bachelor party? Photos that leave her wondering about his fidelity and the true state of her marriage? 


CHURCH MOUSE ON HIS MOTORCYCLE.  What would happen if I paired a church girl with a biker? How would they have ever landed together in the first place?  What if she wanted to Rise! from her current situation to become something more.

 What if we all had a bucket list for living and starting a new life instead of a list of things to do before we died?

A SEAL TO SLAY DRAGONS What would happen if the heroine, due to so many sexual hangups has never had an orgasm, and when she finally does it’s so hard she passes out in the hero’s arms?

CHIMERA TEAM.  What if there was a secret team within the Canadian military’s special operations unit?  A unit made up of highly skilled special operations soldiers who only come together to carry out classified missions then disappear back to regular duties to hide in plain sight. 

Spanish Security Cover

SPANISH SECURITY: Who are the mysterious Basque, and where is Basque Country? What would happen if the heroine woke up and found herself in the hero’s seaside estate in Basque Country, a victim of an accidental kidnapping gone wrong .

Beautiful things can happen when you stop trying to prove your worth in a toxic workplace that doesn’t appreciate you. 

HER MOMENT WITH THE KING: What would happen if a divorced academic lady with grown children takes a wild chance and spends the night with an unknown man; letting all her sexual inhibitions loose never expecting to ever see him again? However, years later she runs into him, and not only has she had the man’s baby, she finds out that he’s a kind in another country?

This is the moment when a woman rises from the ashes.



What would happen if a straight-laced virgin who faces an arranged marriage decides to explore erotic sex with a hot man whore first?

coming soon …