STORY WORLD: Swirl Romance

There is nothing hotter than a committed man.

Alexandra Isobel

“We’re going to stand out, no matter what you do with all that hair,”  Spike comment as Vanessa wrestled her hair into a knot on top of her head.

She glanced down at herself, then at Spike’s tattoo-covered arms, black t-shirt beneath his leather vest and chaps that protected his jeans and motorcycle boots.   

The sight they made was laughable.  Big bad biker and church girl. They were going to do more than stand out.  They were going to stop traffic!

“She is my queen. I am her man.”

Yuri. Find Her. Keep Her.

What happened at my bachelor party didn’t stay there…

Yuri …

I pick up the paper and unfold it.  The world around me stops.  I blink as the noise of the other girls and music from the dance floor dies away. 

The photo is from over a year ago. 

My bachelor party. 

I’m tied to a velvet chair in the shape of a throne.  Vodka bottle in my hand.  Pants around my ankles.  My heads thrown back, the gold crown to one side.  I think I was howling.  Inya’s on her knees between my legs going to town on my drunken dick.  All the boys are standing around, cheering her on.  It was taken minutes before she climbed on my lap and started riding me, my face squashed between her massive tits. 

She was the first of five girls from that night and not even the worst.  Three of the girls had ridden the vodka bottle in my hand while it was sandwiched between my knees.  Two of them had crawled across the floor with that bottle jammed in their ass.  At one point the blonde was on her stomach, ass in the air while the boys used the embedded bottle for target practice…

Should Savannah give Yuri a pass?

Go! Natural Girls