STORY WORLD: Chimera Team

Fall in love with these hot alpha warriors
who lose their hearts to the only women who can tame them.

Warriors made to fight against the darkest parts of humanity.

What readers are saying about the prequel novellas …

“These boys are well-trained and strong, which means they have plenty of muscle to lift up their women and do all sorts of naughty things with them.” Romance4thebeach review

“Alexandra Isobel breaks out with three well-written romantic suspense short stories. The stories are enjoyable prequels for future novels.” Selena Robins rated it 5stars.

“This handful of shorts is a lot of fun. Prequels to a series about military and ex-military heroes, each one is distinct, the characters nicely sketched in very few words.” E.G. Manetti rated it 5 stars.

“These stories all whet the appetite leaving the reader wanting more. Hopefully, she doesn’t make readers wait too long.” CocoFierce reviews.

A chimera is a mythological beast, made from the parts of other animals, but does not really exist.  It is wildly imaginative, an implausible fiction, and an impossible dream.

Chimera team men are expected to think the impossible, do the impossible, and make the impossible happen.  They are also ordered to do it with stealth silence in the most heinous conditions.

“We come in from the field wrecked, often in a way that cannot be fixed.”


Canada Has Special Forces!?

Yup, the JTF2, and it’s what my Chimera Team romances are based upon. Stationed in Dwyer Hill, a small town near Ottawa; Canada’s capital, the JTF2 training compound is where the team hones their special operations skills in counter-terrorism.  This is where they become scalpels and not hammers.

With the TEAM MOTTO, “Deeds not words” these soldiers are the country’s silent protectors.  They’re private and committed to the protection of the country.

THEIR WEAPONS?  Colt Canada series.  MacmillanTAC-50 sniper rifle.

THEIR JOB? The protection of Canadian national interest and combat terrorism at home and abroad.

THEIR ATTITUDE?  Quiet professionals, there to serve Canada. They do what the Government asks and remain silent about how they do it.  They are secretive and discreet and accept no recognition or fame.  They do what they do so Canadians can sleep at night.

“Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

George Orwell

Mercury (2)
Mercury. Team Leader

My CHIMERA TEAM is a top-secret unit of the JTF2.  The Team is made up of hand-picked members of separate JTF2 units, chosen for their elite skills to carry out highly sensitive operations for the Canadian Government.  They come together, one mission at a time then disperse back to daily operations.



MERCURY CARDINAL, the quietly intense and dedicated captain of Chimera Team, has one mission tonight.  Get Daria Hill from the safety of her bed, through the rebels who just overtook the embassy, to the rendezvous helicopter on the other side of town.

Guarding  Daria has been Mercury’s long standing cover assignment when not on special operations missions, protecting her is sacred, and even though their relationship has changed and he hates the thought of having to let her go, he’ll get her safely to the evacuation helicopter or die trying …

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Fashion Naked Couple, Dramatic image shot in studio

RUSTY CUNDIFF, a focused special operations soldier with Chimera Team, has only been home one day, and already he’s keeping Meghan Christopher’s ass out of trouble– literally as she dangles off a cliff.  The only thing between her and the river cavern below is the tenuous grasp he has on her wrist.

Meghan has always been off limits to Rusty.  She’s his best friend’s little sister and his mentor’s daughter.  Beyond protecting her from the ugly side of life, he’s always disciplined his body not to react to her, and to keep his thoughts leashed, until  . . .  tonight.

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BENJAMIN ‘DRACO’ DRACOVICH, Chimera team’s point man, cannot get over the death of his teammate Jack during a disastrous mission.   Jack was his best friend and a married father of two little girls.  He should have survived the unexpected bomb blast.  Not him.

Honor drives Draco to keep his deathbed promise to Jack; take care of Kate.  Guilt over wanting her keeps him awake every night.  He promised Jack he’d take care of her, not bed her.  Wanting Kate crossing the line.  Making love to her would betray his soldier’s pact with Jack.

Tonight, Draco is determined to find a way to release his inner demons, because holding back with Kate has torn him up inside.  She ignites his every basic instinct and needs to learn exactly what she does to him.  Tonight Kate would be his . . . and his alone.

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