Why We Love Romance


The Chief

The quintessential alpha hero. He might have been born to lead, or perhaps he conquered his way to the top, but either way, he’s tough, decisive, goal-oriented, so can be overbearing and inflexible.  He’s at the top of his career field: CEO of a major corporation, or a prince. If he’s not already number one, it’s only a matter of time.

The Bad Boy

The boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He’s bitter and volatile, a crushed idealist, but also charismatic and street smart. He hates authority and doesn’t buckle. He’s the perfect outlaw.

The Best Friend

This is the beta hero. He’s kind, responsible, decent, a regular Mr. Nice Guy. He’ll always be there.

We knew him in high school and didn’t appreciate him. If we were smart, we married him because he always put the needs of others first.

The Charmer

Fun, irresistible, a smooth operator, yet not too responsible or dependable. He might be a playboy or a rogue, but he’s doesn’t commit to a woman easily He’s tortured, secretive, brooding, and unforgiving, but also vulnerable. Probably a loner or undercover cop.

The Professor

The first time you meet him, this logical, introverted, and inflexible guy might not be your idea of a hero but take another look. He is genuine about his feelings. At work, he likes cold, hard facts, thank you very much, but he’s also honest and faithful, and won’t let you down.

The Swashbuckler

This guy is action, action, and more action. He’s physical and daring. Fearless, he’s a daredevil, or an explorer. He needs thrills and chills to keep him happy.

The Warrior

He’s noble, tenacious, relentless, and always sticks up for the underdog. If you need a protector, he doesn’t buckle under to rules, and will not go along just to get along.


The Boss

She might be a working girl climbing the corporate ladder, or perhaps she’s always been daddy’s petted princess, but either way, failure never found its way into her vocabulary. This woman never gives up until she’s on top of the heap.

The Survivor

Mysterious and manipulative, she hides a streak of distrust a mile wide and ten miles deep. Cynicism guides her every action, and her tough sense of survival gives her the means to do whatever is necessary to come out ahead. 

The Spunky Kid

You can’t help but root for her. She’s the girl with moxie. She’s not looking to be at the top of the heap; she just wants to be in her own little niche. Supportive and reliable, she hasn’t an enemy in the world, but has plenty of friends. 

The Free Spirit

Playful and fun loving, this heroine travels through life with a hop, skip and a jump, always stopping to smell the flowers and admire the pretty colors. She acts on a whim and follows her heart, not her head.

The Waif

This is the original damsel in distress. She was the star of many fairy tales. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. She needs to be rescued, and her child-like innocence evokes a protective urge in the beastliest of heroes.

The Librarian

She’s prim and proper, but underneath that tight bun lurks a passionate woman. She’s learned that her physical charms shouldn’t – or couldn’t – help her get ahead, so she leads with her brain, not her body.

The Crusader

This lady is on a mission, and she marches right over anyone in her way. Tenacious and headstrong, she brushes off any opposition to her goal. Don’t try to calm her down. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and that makes you fair game.

The Nurturer

She is a wonderful listener, and a joy to have around, this heroine takes care of everyone. She’s serene, capable and optimistic. She cares for her family and friends with steely determination.

 Adapted from Tami Cowden's articles. All About Romance.

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