“I never expected to start a new life.”


After discovering my husband of 22 years was having an affair with our next door neighbor (which led to my unravelling and discovering years of his cheating) I put my dark feelings of devastation and betrayal into something light.  For months I focused on education and self-care, and indulged myself in only the things that brought me peace, positive esteem and deeper self-awareness.   I also worked hard at letting go. 

I discovered the Danish lifestyle of hygge and immersed myself in it.  Comfort living came naturally and suited me down to my toes.  I created my own comfortable lifestyle and have never looked back.   Now, I look forward to being myself every day.

Working yourself through and out of a long time marriage relationship is a lesson in restarting and daily do overs.  It is truly a process that has many starts and stops, and the most important thing is not to stall.  You have to just keep going, keep moving forward even if you’re crying the whole way.

Letting go is not an end game.  Sometimes you have to keep doing it … daily.  But with practice, like everything else, it gets easier.  You develop your own way of doing things.  You develop your own coping methods.  You go into yourself and see what you need then you come out.  Don’t be afraid or apologize for giving yourself what you know you need.

Take Care You


I was in the middle of a few romance stories on D day.  I had to pass the partials onto my editor to help me finish.  I just couldn’t bring myself to write the happy endings the stories needed.  Then, one day, a sweet dream fantasy came to me, and the storyline for Her Moment with the King took hold in my mind.  I couldn’t get it out of my head, so when I finally sat down to write it, I pounded it out in a few hours. It’s a combination of three familiar romance novel tropes (the secret baby, royalty and a second chance at love).

She never thought she’d see him again…

Her Moment with the King


Matt was the one man Georgia could not forget even though she made sure she would never see him again after their scandalous night together eight years ago.

So, when he walks into the Niagara-on-the-Lake bistro one snowy holiday evening, she is horrified and looks for the first place to hide. 

Matt is still the devastatingly handsome, suave and sophisticated man her heart remembers and trusted so dearly years ago. Only this time she finds out he’s a king in his own country; a detail that went unmentioned during their brief time together. 

Now, Georgia has a secret of her own. Their beautiful moment together produced this new king an heir!

AUTHOR NOTE:  This is a sweet romance

I’ve always loved a good romance story, and starting in high school I would conjure up love stories with my crazy imagination and share them with anyone who would listen. I like to think I’ve streamlined and developed my storytelling and writing skills since then, though the essence of my wild creativity  forever remains. Now that the hard part of my separation and subsequent divorce is in the past, I’m sure I romanticize the memories when writing this book, but like I said, I’m a sucker for a good love story and a happy ending. 


Ice Wine Festival

For three weekends in January the Niagara region is transformed into a wintry wonderland, in celebration of one of Canada’s most cherished products, Ontario Icewine.

The  Festival offers plenty for every taste at the Icewine Gala, unique wine and food pairings at over 40 wineries, and vibrant outdoor street festivals.



MY RISE! MOMENT?   When I realized and accepted that life is messy and could be unfair, and you just have to let go to be happy, especially if you want to rebuild your life.

Live with intention. Act with purpose. Be meaningful.


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