Random thoughts on any given day….
Not being ready to go back to church
The sadness at seeing your children's childhood end.
Raging in the shower at the unfairness of it all
Why are lawyers so damned bloody expensive!?  Why do I have to pay to put it all behind me?
Hoping for something better, someday
Sobbing at the thought of dating online, then widening your eyes upon seeing what's out there.  Omg, really!?
Breaking out in tears when you look in the mirror.
The bitter sweetness at seeing your sons become men.
The sigh when they finally go off to college.  
Feeling like you finally made it.
Seeing yourself in a friend who is still going through it.
Waking up at 4 am to just stare and think and cry.
Knowing that you can't go back, looking forward to the day you don't look back.
Writing it all out, crying when you do, then feeling empty once you're done.
Looking at your ex and just wondering why?
Starting forward with fear and trepidation and slowly realizing that it's all turning out okay.

My Journey Through with the Thoughtful Quotes that inspired me


I hope these words help you as much as they helped me … change my thinking and bring a peaceful acceptance of what happened, how much I changed and the way I embrance my life now.


She walked away from her divorce to start a new life. She just never expected it would be with a king!

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