THAT FIRST TIME … we all remember it!

It started with an accidental touch, or one less innocent but that feeling down there suddenly feels so wonderful and strange until …

“I was 6 … using the hose thingies next to the toilet that you can wash your “parts” with. “

“I was 10 … rolled over onto my stomach, bunched the blankets up in between my legs …”

“I was 24 … finally learned how to have orgasms during sex.”

“I was16 … it was from mutual masturbation. We didn’t know what we were doing but fumbled through it, until I actually had an orgasm.”

“16! It was a total accident and scared me pretty badly before I realized what it was, lol.”

“I think I was 9 or 10 … found out rubbing myself and feeling pretty good, so continued to do it and then bam!”

“I was 16 and masturbating. I had tried it several times already but I remember the first orgasm vividly. I went to the bathroom afterwards and looked into the mirror to check if anything had changed…

“I was 11, using my fingers after reading a dirty scene in a book I found whilst I was staying at my grandparents.”

“I was 6 years old and was watching the Backstreet Boys ‘Larger Than Life’ music video, when I started to feel a tingly sensation in my pants.”

“It was an accident. I was like 10, riding around my grandma’s pool on a pool noodle, using it like a horse.”

“I was in preschool … I found that when I climbed the pole on the playground, it ‘tickled my tummy’ in the most delicious way.” 

“I was 21 … figured it out by myself. I’d been active with my partner and faking it for over 4 years.”

“I wanted to write a story about the ‘bad thing’ little girls aren’t supposed to like, but learn to love anyway.”



Vagina by so many names…

twat, cooter, beaver, fish lips, taco, camel toe, muff, snatch, garage, oven, love button, penis glove, cock sock, hoohah, bajingo, goop chute, slit, trim, quim, pooter, love rug, poontang, poonanie, cooch, tunnel of love, vertical bacon sandwich, bearded clam, cookie, nookie, the pink, honey pot, meat curtains, hatchet wound, fur burger, kitty, minge, snapper, vertical smile, lovebox, love canal, black hole, whisker biscuit, slice of heaven, the great divide, cherry, tongue depressor, fuzzy wuzzy, glory hole, man in the boat, mud flaps, mound, peach, wizard’s sleeve, split dick, bikini bizkit, cock holster, cockpit, snooch, kitty kat, poody tat, grassy knoll, cold cut combo, curly curtains, furry furnace, altar of love, cupid’s cupboard, bird’s nest, bucket, love glove, serpent socket, hairy doughnut, fun hatch, spasm chasm, sugar basin, sweet briar, breakfast of champions, Wookie, fish mitten, hump hole, scrambled eggs between the legs, juice box, Golden Palace, sausage wallet, Holiest of Holies, sugar hole, home plate, Golden Arches, Mumbler, Brakepads, Wagon Ruts, Beaver Teeth, kitty cage, Chicken’s tongue, Conch shell, Crack of heaven, Dog’s mouth, Door of life, Fly catcher, Fruit cup, Jelly roll, Lobster pot, bunny tuft, knish, her asshole neighbor, lotus, nappy dugout, moneymaker, women’s weapon, tackle box, bone hider, red sea, snake charmer, Enchilada of love, penalty box, ground zero, pound cake, hamper of goodies, man’s charity bash, south mouth, penis parking,  the promised land, the vegan store, bag pipe, lick n’ stick, the unmentionable, man’s ruin, hairy potter, Pandora’s box, mystical fold

The QUIRKS and Ohs! of going over the edge

Sometimes, it can happen in the strangest places and at the most inopportune times. 

“I was on my Pilates ball, IN CLASS!”

“My SO had tied me up and gone down on me.  It was so intense I was lightheaded after.”

“It was in my sleep.  I don’t remember what I was dreaming about but woke up to the sweet waves washing over my body.”

 “On the massage table.  I was so relaxed and when the MT started some deep tissue massage near my lower back I was just triggered.  Mortified but so soooo triggered.

IT CAN BE ELUSIVE, but know thyself and learn how to rock your own world.  MASTURBATE.  A LOT.  Get to know your own body.  Are you a clit or g-spot girl?  Knowledge is power ladies.


“Trust me, Kitten. I’ve done this before.”

Evie has embedded trust issues. Maddox is an honorable Navy SEAL. When their steamy encounter becomes too intense, Evie flees to her comfort zone.

A SEAL to Slay Dragons is the first, ‘Discover my Heat’, interracial romance in the SEALs N Sorority Girls Series.

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