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Happy Ready

The wolf may lose his pelt, but never his nature.

Russian proverb

What do you do if you find out your spouse cheated at their bachelor or bachelorette party?

What do you do when your partner’s true character breaks through?

Did you marry into your spouse’s family, or did they marry into yours?

Is the Madonna/whore complex real, and lurking in your own relationship?

I’d love to hear your answers!

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Yuri is an ex-Russian gangster.  Savannah is his African American queen.
They’re wildly passionate in a volatile marriage.
These are their relationship stories.

It’s just how it is between Yuri and Savannah
…still hard and desperate when I walk to the bed and sit down, studying the unsatisfied anger in her face. “Come to me.” I spread my knees and wait for her.
Her chin and jaw are openly defiant, but her eyes are hot with disgruntled need. I stroke my hand across her stomach and run my palm between her thighs.
She inhales and closes her eyes.
This is how it is between us.
This woman will always be mine.
I will always be hers…


What happened at the bachelor party didn’t stay there.

Savannah opens her email to find photos of her husband tied to a chair with his pants around his ankles and a stripper between his thighs.

They’ve been happily married for two years.  Now she’s on a rampage to burn down their world and disillusioned slightly crazy Yuri is trying to stop her.

He’s an ex-Russian gangster.  She’s one mad black woman. 

Should a man get a pass for his wild bachelor party behaviour?


They have taken my queen.  They will pay in blood.

Savannah thought she knew her husband, yet he sees nothing wrong with the violent execution he just delivered.

Savannah and Yuri’s  worlds have just collided. 

Is there enough debris left to bridge the chasm that now lies between them?


And the Bratva is your family.

Savannah was sure she knew everything about her husband’s past.  She’s never been more wrong.

Why has she never heard about the Bratva?  And what does he mean, he needs to keep her a secret?  The answers to these questions are likely to get him killed…at the hands of his wife.

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