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Rest your mind sometimes


Pronounced “Hoogah” hygge is the Danish concept of comfort and a comfortable lifestyle. 

After enduring a long and miserable winter’s day commute, coming home to a hot shower, a warm blanket, a cozy cup of cocoa, and a soothing fire with soft lights is hygge. 

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Canadian winters need hygge

Canadians can certainly appreciate the art of hygge.

Enjoy family, friends or being alone.

Hygge is enjoying beautiful moments of coziness and companionship, alone, with family, good friends or anyone we’re most relaxed with.

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Or enjoy champagne for one


Creating a comfortable writing space, physical and headspace is very important to me, so I habitually surround myself with rich and decadently writing materials and listen to soft music with quiet lighting and wine nearby.  

That settles my creative brain.

THE HYYGE WRITER is my pocketful of creative inspirations for making a comfortable writing life.  

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* Make Personal Zen Spaces * Creative Energy for Introverts

* Make Personal Zen Spaces * Creative Energy for Introverts

* Reading Retreats and Comfort Spaces * What’s Your Creative Default Setting?

* Ghost Writing is Wonderful for Introverts * Creative Provocations and Musing

* Bullet Journals – Organize That Mess In Your Head  * Build Your Own Creative Loft – make a great space to work in. * Find Your Online Tribe

BULLET JOURNALS:  Build A Creative Process

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NEEDED:  Routines and rituals, familiarity and trust – disorganization need not apply!

Creativity can be elusive, but if we can set up some loose parameters into a process, we can capture ideas and pin them down long enough to smooth them out and make them useable.

Bullet journals put organization to random thoughts.

Figure out where and when you do your best free-thinking – times when you feel safe to think out of the box—then go there and throw out all of your ideas, everyone no matter how ridiculous.

If you’re stuck you’ll have to get out of that comfort zone, see new people or go to a different place.  Watch.  Learn.  See what people do.  Listen to how they talk.  Take in the new experience.  The world looks different when you see it from another place, another perspective or from someone else’s point of view.  Pencil it all down, no matter how random, into your journal – bullet form.

Use your bullet journal to make note of every idea that might be just passing through, then when you’re stuck, smooth these ideas out.  Try them in your head, turn them around and see what happens if you follow just one crazy thought through to the end.  Trust your instincts and remember you’re an introvert so chances are you’re doing this alone.  Who’s going to judge if you come up a bad idea?


Make the space warm and inviting.  You’ll want to stay and write longer. Organize the materials.  It keeps your mind focused and clear. Bring in all the comfort triggers: Music.  Candlelight.  Notepads.  Special pencils.

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Use soft lighting.  Candles, tea lights or fairy lights are perfect.  They all create a nice warm glow. Surround everything with a variety of decadent textures – faux fur, plush blankets, and fluffy pillows.

Indulge your favorites: specialty coffee, dark port, warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh loose tea, warm cocoa, thick bubble bath, smooth oils, and fragrant bath scrubs.

“Inhale beautiful scents while your work.  Try a diffuser with an array of essential oils: thieves, lavender, pine, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange or cloves.”

Wear comfy clothes – roomy sweats, plush over sized sweaters, easygoing reading socks.  You aren’t going anywhere so treat yourself special.

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