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Romantic Heart Beats Review

Originally posted on Romance Novels for the Beach:
So I woke up earlier than I wanted to last Sunday, and thought it would be fun to have a lazy morning in bed with a sweet romance novel. I was looking through the hundreds of books on my Kindle when this little number caught my eye, and considering it was a novella I figured it’d be something I could breeze through on this lovely lazy Sunday. The first page opens with gunfire, and then proceeds with explosions, body parts flying everywhere and an intense chase scene. Well…so much for my relaxing morning. Even though this novella didn’t exactly start off how I was expecting/hoping it would, it was actually a very interesting and enjoyable read. This really surprised me because the book is composed of three short stories, and in the past I haven’t had the best of luck with novellas in this kind of format. It always seems you don’t have enough time to really connect with the characters. Although these were good, I am…


“. . .  Don’t ever forget this, Daria. Don’t ever forget that you belong right here, spread out on your back with me deep inside of you . . . ” Mercury and Daria from TAKE FLIGHT. “Red, this can’t happen. You have to know this cannot ever happen.”  “Rusty, it’s already happening.” Rusty and Meghan from WELCOME HOME. ” . . . ask me again, Katya. I’ve waited four months to hear you ask me. Now. Again.” “Please make love to me, Ben.  Make me yours.” Katherine and Benjamin from  STANDING GUARD