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HYGGE FOR THE MIND AND SOUL (Finding Comfort when seasons change)

THIS FALL has certainly started out as one of true change for me as my mother of 88 years just passed away.  Though she was elderly and you always know that one day you’ll lose your mother, everybody does eventually, I can honestly say that I was just not ready. 

Looking back, and I have been doing plenty of that with her passing, I felt changes coming in early September, and though I paused …

TAKE CARE YOU (What Anxiety Can Look Like and Self Care is the Only Option)

A situation happens and your replay every moment infinite detail again and again and again; you over think everything and start adding thoughts of what if … why now … what will happen next … I could do this … maybe try that …

And as your thoughts turn and turn, your tummy fills up with an army of butterflies that have shockingly sharp teeth, and you feel like there is no possible way to ever calm down let alone sleep.  There is just no way you’ll ever sleep tonight.