Alexandra is a Canadian romance writer who sees the romance in everyday life and mixes it into her love stories.

She thrives on visual inspiration so is a die-hard movie junkie and photography hound – both of which keep her imagination humming.

She’s definitely a crazy introvert who secretly lusts after her own alpha hero characters, and wishes she could be just like heroines one day!

Living in Ottawa, a very culturally diverse city she can’t help being drawn to mixed and interracial (swirl) couples.

Last year she discovered the art of hygge living and has never looked back.

What kind of romance books does Alexandra write?

“She writes these highly romanticized, everyday love stories with over the top, racially diverse alpha heroes, and introverted but weirdly spirited heroines, that have no business being together, but always have some sort of history so can’t stay away from each other.”

Christine Farmer

Romance Books

What is the hygge writer lifestyle?

“I have always been attracted to a quiet life where reading and writing were central to keeping my sanity during my high school years. I needed a constant supply of escapism so loved nothing better than curling up beneath the covers to read, write or watch TV. I had a few best friends I spent time with and we’d have pajama layabouts all the time.

Once I discovered hygge and realized there was a whole culture out there that loved the same lifestyle I did, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I’ve never looked back…”


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