ICE WINE MARTINIS – The Most Elegant New Year’s Cocktail

FIRST, what’s so special about ice wine?

Ice wine in 26 seconds:

  • Canada did not invent ice wine, but they sure have perfected it, and turned it into a country icon akin to maple syrup, hockey, and Tim Horton’s coffee.
  • The difference between ice wine, late harvest and select late harvest is the sugar level. Ice wine has the highest sugar level on the sweet scale.
  • Icewine law states that the temperature must drop to -8C for optimal picking.
  • Icewine is the sweet concentrated nectar of the ‘iced’ grapes, left on the vine until the juice is concentrated to its ideal level.
  • Canada’s Niagara-on-the-Lake is the main hub and biggest producer of ice wine, hosting the Ice Wine Festival annually.


Georgia Lane’s indulgence of choice


  • 1 oz Icewine
  • 2 ozs premium vodka
  • frozen grapes

DIRECTIONS Mix Inniskillin Vidal Ice wine with premium vodka. Shake over ice and garnish with a frozen grape. Mix a twist of the classic version and try with other Ice wine varietals such as Cabernet Franc or Riesling!

She never thought she’d see him again….

Matt was the one man Georgia could not forget after their scandalous night together eight years ago.

So, when he walks into the Niagara-on-the-Lake bistro one snowy holiday evening, she is horrified.

Matt is still the devastatingly handsome and sophisticated man her heart remembers, but now she has a secret….

AUTHOR NOTE:  This is a sweet romance

Read Matt and Georgia’s most romantic story here.

For more information on ice wine: and

Author: Alexandra Isobel Interracial Romance Writer - QUIETribe

Canadian romance writer who sees the romance in everyday life, and mixes it into her stories. She thrives on visual inspiration so is a diehard movie junkie and photography hound - both of which keep her imagination humming. She's definitely an introvert who secretly lusts after her alpha hero characters!

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