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A physical detox is always a good idea for your body’s health, but have you considered a digital detox for your mental health?

Digital detoxes are on the rise, and people are now going on technology free retreats to cleanse the body and mind with distraction free real life adventures and down time.


MIND CALM – quiet without any beeping, pinging and ringing notifications.  You mind is free to just experience blissful quiet.

SIMPLICITY – Return to reading a hard copy book instead of a screen.  Let your mind wander and day dream.  Have a conversation without distractions and take some memory photos just for yourself and not social media.

SHIFT FOCUS – now that technology is not within reach, notice how much you’ve come to depend upon it?  What did you do before you could just pick up your cell phone … to call … search for information … say hi to someone … take a photo … order food … watch a show … find where you’re going … look at a family photo … read a book … see where we’re going  here?

TRY A DIGITAL CLEANSE – Start with a digital staycation:

Power down an hour before bed and read a book, take a bath, have a conversation or write in a journal.

Leave the phone at home when you go for lunch, have coffee or head out for dinner.  It’s just an hour or two.  You will not die.

Choose a day and turn off the wifi.  Just. Turn. It. Off. 

How do you get to your happy place? 

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