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HYGGE YOUR WRITING SPACE (where ever you write)

As a completely undisciplined writer, I have to get out of the house to get any decent amount of work done.  Even though I’ll be home alone, my house has too many distractions to allow me a proper head space for uninterrupted work: the dog wines so I get up to put her outside, the turtle starts splashing which leads to me mopping the floor, and I do try to just look past the laundry pile but end up stopping to ‘just put it in.’


Fortunately there are a lot of great places in and around Ottawa where you can hygge down to write.  I haunt them often and never tire of the welcome sense of comfortable writing time they give.

The best writing sessions are done in a comfortable space that you have made your own, aka made it your hygge writing space.

To make your space truly hygge, add familiar things to make it warm and alluring, even if just for a little while.

For Ottawa people, recognize any of these places?

When at home, it’s very easy to hygge up your writing area by adding soft things, green things and fun things.

Where ever you are, make and keep your writing space, as ‘that space’ where you love to nest and get things done.   If it’s hard to leave you’ll be less tempted to get up and ‘do just one thing.’

Live hygge everyone!

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