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THE HYGGE WRITER (6 Fun Ways to Get Comfortable for NaNoWriMo)


  1. Make your DESK BEAUTIFUL and SIMPLE. Take everything off.  Then only put back on the things that are necessary.  Keep it simple.   Less distraction.   Some beautiful additions:    Pens and pencils. Notebook.  Research books.  Coffee or tea or wine.

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  1. Start READING. Delve into something fun and genre specific to get your ideas flowing and your creative well filled.  Take out and reread a few of your writing craft reads.  Go to the library and take out some research books to collect ideas that you can use over the next thirty days.

The Hygge Writer Nano Wri Mo 2018 (1)

  1. Develop a ROUTINE … routine routine routine. Wake up. Coffee.    Sleep.  Repeat.    If only it were that simple!?  However, develop a routine that will work for you.  Get things you will need to make things easier ahead of time.  Seek out some gourmet coffee beans and luxury cream ahead of time so you can skip that drive to the café and enjoy your morning write at home.  Find your favourite loose leaf tea and organic cane sugar cubes and set them up on your best tea service tray so your afternoon write time is sacred and special.


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  1. Take our your HYGGE WEAR. Think of your comfy plush clothes as your hygge writer uniform: soft pants, warm shirts, thick socks.  Designate your best and keep them on reserve for writing time.


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  1. Organize your MUSIC PLAYLISTS. Set up some Youtube favourite lists or Spotify playlists just for writing. You want to hear the music and have your mind automatically switch into creative mode.


2018-10-06 12.51.07


  1. Figure out your QUITE WRITE time. Most important.  Set aside sometime during the day for just writing.  It’s only for a month so get disciplined.  Get comfortable.  Go write.

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bullet journalHow do you Nano?  Everyone has some way they prepare for and write during NaNo.  What’s your way?

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