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There’s always something, some spark of an idea that captures my interest in writing a story.

Often it’s quirky and ridiculous, a what would happen if . . . thought that takes off running through my mind until I get it down on paper.

The SEALs Undivorce Cover

THE SEAL’S UNDIVORCE.  What if the hero, a soldier was so caught up in his duties he returned from a mission to find out that not only was his wife divorcing him, it was because he didn’t even notice that she was pregnant before he left?

Who are the people that find pregnancy erotic?

CHURCH MOUSE ON HIS MOTORCYCLE.  What would happen if I paired a church girl with a biker? How would they have ever ended up together in the first place?  What if she wanted to Rise! from her current situation to become something more.

What if we all had a bucket list for living and starting a new life instead of a list of things to do before we died?

Romantic Heartbeats COVER

CHIMERA TEAM.  What if there was a secret team within the Canadian military’s special operations unit?  A unit made up of highly skilled special operations soldiers who only come together to carry out classified missions then disappear back to regular duties to hide in plain sight.

Spanish Security Cover

SPANISH SECURITY.   What would happen if you woke up in a strange mystical country, a virtual prisoner of a man who has hated you for over a year?

Beautiful things can happen when you stop trying to prove your worth in a toxic workplace that doesn’t appreciate you.

A SEAL TO SLAY DRAGONS.   What if you chose the wrong men to avoid being hurt; because your whole life, you thought you had weird sexual quirks?

What if the heroine finally lets go and trusts the hero enough to orgasm, but then faints?  Can you orgasm so hard you pass out?  I did a lot of research and found out that you actually can!



What would happen if a straight-laced virgin who faces an arranged marriage decides to explore erotic sex with a hot man whore first?

coming soon …


It’s a bright and sunny very normal afternoon when Savannah opens her email to find photos of her husband, Yuri tied to a chair with his pants around his ankles and a stripper between his thighs, at his bachelor party.

Savannah and Yuri have been happily married for two years.  Now she’s on a rampage to burn down their world and disillusioned slightly crazy Yuri is trying to stop her.

Should Savannah give Yuri a pass for his wild bachelor party behaviour?

He’s an ex-Russian gangster.  She’s one mad black woman.  They’re both insane but crazy in love.

Download a free copy and decide if Yuri should get a pass!

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