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JOURNAL DRAGON (How to Brain Dump with Class)

Journal Dragon (8)

Collect your thoughts every day and write them down – get those thoughts out of your head especially if you’re not using them, they’re just cluttering up your brain.

Journal Dragon (7)

Listen to an inspiring podcast or audiobook – read a blurb from an interesting blog – take what you will from it – what applies to you, ponder how you can use it in your life – write down your new ideas or goals.

Journal Dragon (9)

Brain dump – keep writing everything out until your mind is empty.

Journal Dragon (4)

If you’re getting out random ideas and thoughts – review them later highlight the things that stand out then gather together and create a map of where the ideas can take you.

hygge writer pdf book (10)

Create a picture in your mind.

More ideas in:  THE HYGGE WRITER, create a comfortable writing life.

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