QUIETribe? What is that!?


QUIETribe is Alexandra’s blog dedicated to introverted readers and writers who believe living a quiet lifestyle is beautiful.

dino bookshelf



  • Live beautiful, create beautiful spaces and do beautiful things.
  • Read and write romance.
  • Bullet journal to collect and organize your thoughts.
  • Pause to enjoy moments.
  • Go!  Travel anywhere.
  • Hygge.  Adopt and enjoy a hygge lifestyle.

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Surround yourself with beautiful things.  Do the things you love to do, and take the time to invest in yourself.  Create the life you want to live.

“Live a life you don’t need to take a vacation from” Jill Liberman

Live beautiful means something different to everyone.  What do you consider beautiful?  How would you surround yourself with beautiful things?  Take time to think about what you love.

“Live a life you don’t need to take a vacation from” Jill Liberman

hygge clothes

Me?  I love to …

  • INDULGE in watching tv and movies.  I love movies.  Hello, Netflix.
  • TAKE a warm bubble bath and enjoy a home spa using my thickest towels, natural soap cakes, and homemade facial masks made with fresh avocados and virgin coconut oil.
  • MAKE a charcuterie board with decadent cheeses, artisan bread, thin cuts of meat, black pitted olives and warm olive oil with a smooth bottle of red wine.
  • DRINK hot chocolate with rich fresh cream and read my favourite blogs – something about minimalist décor or the hygge lifestyle – from within my softest blanket and wearing my fuzzy reading socks.

hygge evening

  • RELAX on a patio with a BBQ dinner featuring grilled fish, chicken, steak or veggies (corn on the cob), garlic heirloom potatoes, salad and chocolate fudge cake with wine or local craft beer.
  • GO FOR a drive with a hot coffee and listen to an audiobook.
  • GO FOR a long walk and stop into the library or bookstore to browse.
  • COOK or bake in my kitchen while watching Netflix on my iPad.


I have discovered the Danish hygge.  It’s a lifestyle that comes naturally to me and I’m sure many other introverts.


Pronounced (hue-gah) is the Danish concept of comfortable and cozy living.

Because winters can be awfully miserable and dark for much of the day, it’s important to be able to come home to a warm blanket, a cozy cup of cocoa, a soothing fire and soft lights.

hygge sisters

So, what’s your hygge lifestyle?

I’d love to hear.  Tell me how you hygge in the comments.

Let’s chat soon,



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