have quiet weekend mornings

So you have some treasured alone time on your hands?  What to do . . . what to do?

Do one thing every day that will bring you closer to living the quiet lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.  Build some regular Zen habits into your life so you always have space to quiet your mind, slow down and enjoy.

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Have quiet weekend mornings
  • Go to the park and just sit.   Clear your mind.
  • Sit in a coffee shop and read a magazine. A hard copy.  The old school way.
  • Muse through your social media. Pinterest and Instagram have the best visuals to take your away.

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  • Read one blog post from your TBR bookmarks. Sort through and read all those ‘saved’ posts on Facebook.  Clear your files and you clear your mind.
  • Make tea and let it steep before your savour drinking it.
  • Go to the library and take out some coffee table books to muse through. They’re great for reading with tea.

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  • Download a podcast – after reading over and discovering some new subscriptions of course.
  • Collect, sort and save all those photos on your phone. Upload them to your social media so you and others can enjoy them.
  • Get off the bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Take time to just think and enjoy the quiet city sounds . . . no headphones.

livin quiet blog post (2)

Build these quiet habits into your life so you have a regular time to Zen and destress.

saturday-morning-sept-24-16-12 How do you Zen? Join the conversation on the Quietribe facebook page.

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