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READING WEDNESDAY – Clear that ‘TBR’ Pile!

So you look down beside the couch to see your burgeoning ‘to be read’ pile frowning back at you.  Your saved blog posts, newsletters, website, and e-zine articles file is so filled it’s about to crash your laptop, and you don’t even want to think about your tablet’s monstrous e-book library which is up to what now, 1200 strong?

Reading Wednesday (5)

Face it.  You have saved so much reading material you now avoid looking at it.

Enter reading Wednesday, the one day you set aside to read your way through it all.

Make an appointment with yourself (every Wednesday) and keep that time for simply reading . . . and maybe taming that wild beast of a pile.

Reading Wednesday (11)


Time to gather up all the bookmarked pages, articles, journals, saved blog posts, website pages, tweet links, downloaded research e-books, texts, dog-eared magazines and otherwise printed material that lurk about the house.

Reading Wednesday (1)

Decide on a space, preferably one that’s secluded with a trip wire for those who wander too close and will disturb your Zen reading haven.  The back of a library is ideal.  Take coffee or tea, and make sure there is a full charge on your laptop and tablet in case there isn’t a nearby outlet.

Bring headphones.  This is also a good time to scan, download, organize or listen to a new podcast or audio book.

 Reading Wednesday (10)


By lunchtime, aim to have all read material slotted and filed into: HOLDING, PTU-put to use, or SOT-sorted or trashed files.

HOLDING.  Holding material are things waiting to be used: a website of someone who does something you know you’ll need or use later, stock photography, research material etc.

S.O.T – SAVE OR TRASHED.   Most things need to end up here: read it, commit to memory then painfully trashed.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Remember keeping things for later is what got you here in the first place! 

P.T.U – PUT TO USE.  Useful things you will actually put to use.  Choose one thing from here and put it into action.  That article of tips to improve your Goodreads page? implement them.  That list of ways to revamp your website?  Start revamping.  Pick one thing and start updating, reorganizing and overhauling.

Listen to one of your podcasts or audio reads on the way home.

Reading Wednesday (13)




Reading Wednesday people – try it and tell me how it goes – #quietribe on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram !


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