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DESK BEAUTIFUL (Make a Hygge Desk Space)

Does your desk feel like your oasis? Or, did you just look at its current state and think – more like an episode of Disaster DIY?


According to Feng Shui Architect, R.D. Chin, your desk should be a Zen space, a place where balance and happiness can nourish good health and wellbeing because let’s face it, your office and desk space is like a second home.


Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, can transform any space into a sanctuary full of prosperity, luck, and good health.  At its core, Feng Shui believes that everything has energy—even inanimate objects—full of a life force, called “chi.” By enhancing the flow of energy your surroundings will have harmony.


Here is what you can do to bring good energy to your desk space right now.


A messy desk doesn’t just look bad, it adds to stress and hinders productivity.   The first step with Feng Shui is to purposefully clear out clutter with a specific intention in your heart and mind.


laptop screensaver (155)

For example, “I’ll wash the window with the intention of clarity for my business,” Chin says. “Or, I’ll clean my desk to welcome positive energy for my work to infuse it with positivity.”


If you only one thing for your space, invest in a plant—or three!  Plants and flowers instantly increase positivity, happiness, and energy, and they purify the air.  Chin recommends green living plants like bamboo, ivy, or jade to infuse life and energy into your office while reducing stress.



“Red is a very auspicious color, green is healing, purple is spiritual, and yellow saffron is a grounding earth energy,” Chin explains. You can infuse color by simply draping a colorful shawl or scarf over your chair. If you’re ambitious and have space, add some artwork, inspirational quotes, your favorite pictures, or really fun pushpins!  Even something that simple can also introduce vibrant color.


Also, nature photos boost productivity.  Rumor has it that looking at nature scenes help people focus.


Decorate with warm patterns and fabrics.  Surround yourself with comfy stuff.


Photo courtesy of The Cofran Home

saturday-morning-sept-24-16-12How will you make your desk beautiful? 

Blog post adapted from: 6 Ways to Make Your Desk So Much Cozier (Now That It’s Dark When You Leave) By Sarit Newman and 6 Ways to a Little Feng Shui to Your Desk for Under $15By Hannah Chenoweth

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