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Out and About in New Edinburgh – Lovin’ it

I don’t live in this area of town, but my best friend does.  She just moved here, so we went out and about for coffee, scones, and books.

We started out at Bridgehead Coffee on Beechwood.

Then walked down to the Books on Beechwood book store.

They are so awesome with the way they highlight books in the news!  Choosing just one book is basically impossible.  They make each one special.

Then we enjoyed some scones at Scone Witch.  I love love love their little kitchen and their scones . . . heavenly!

And we headed back past the old church.  It’s a block big so needed two different shots!

It feels good to get out and about . . . gets the imagination and inspiration going.


saturday-morning-sept-24-16-12 Do you ever explore new neighbourhoods to get inspired?


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Canadian romance writer who sees the romance in everyday life, and mixes it into her stories. She thrives on visual inspiration so is a die hard movie junkie and photography hound - both of which keep her imagination humming. She's definitely an introvert who secretly lusts after her own alpha hero characters!

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