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Ah! THE NORDIC SPA (when you need a quick get away!)

Up here in Ottawa, if you go North you’ll stumble upon a quiet place in Old Chelsea that is a quiet piece of Heaven.

The Nordik Spa is hot water at its absolute best.  Outdoor baths.  Unique saunas.  Salt water pools.  You have to go.


And it’s quiet.  Calm.  Peaceful.  The guests only whisper.  Relax and enjoy.  Beautiful freedom to unwind in your own world.

Beautiful freedom to unwind in your own world.


I’m way too excited to get in there and unfurl.

Natural wonders are everywhere.



Just imagine. Sit.  Think.  Sigh.  

Spa photos courtesy of the Nordik Spa website

saturday-morning-sept-24-16-12When was the last time you indulged in a spa?


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