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Monday Flash Fiction

“Stephanie . . . ?”  I frowned at my ex, curled into a ball and surrounded by a pile of white frothy material in my trunk.

“Daniel?”  She twisted to stare at me.  “Oh sweet Jesus thank God.”

I leaned in and dug her out.  “What are you doing in there . . . ?”

She unfolded her long legs onto the pavement.  “I can explain.”

“Really?”  I stood back and stared at the wedding dress she fluffed out around her.  “I’m dying to hear it.”

She threw back her length of long red hair.  “Well . . . ”


Monday May 9

I can’t stop thinking about her.  I can’t live without her.  Baby, please come back home.


Monday April 25

“Just stay right like that–”

“Are you kidding me?  I can’t do this . . . naked.”

“Ya you can.  You’re naked.  I’m half way there.  Just let me set the camera . . . beautiful.  You are so fucking beautiful.”

He set down the camera and tugged down his pants.  “Now, let me do this . . . getting every moment on film.”


Monday Flash Fiction

It’s been fourteen hours on this train.

I can’t sleep.

Can’t eat.

I’m sick of my playlist and all this sun.

I just need to see her.


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