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Creative musings are simple and can come in a variety of ways, but whatever they are and however they come, they should make you think, want to act, interact, and connect with your inner creativity.

Creative musings are things or a collection of things that inspire you to create by sparking your imagination and leading you to muse about something new.

A few lines to work from – when you finish writing for the day, start the next chapter or scene – just a few lines so you have somewhere to start from (not a blank page) the next time you sit down to write.

Musings can be as simple:

  • Photos or artwork
  • Movies or books
  • Journals with pens
  • Natural things – colourful rocks, a perfect stick, unused birds nest
  • Collection of desk gadgets
  • Picture magazines
  • A scene out the window

Make yourself a story tray – a collection of things you like or treasure about your story.



Putting a tray together can focus your mind on what inspires you about the story.


Bring your writing to life with the things around you.


Display your musings in a beautiful way, so they stimulate your interest and spark your imagination to wonder.

introvert guide photo (19)

Musing should spark questions, stimulate creativity and get your head into your creative space.

Gather a collection of desk gadgets you love ~ all of your favourite things.


Set out pictures, magazines and book collections

keeper reads (1)

Assemble those decadent comfort things and surround yourself with beauty.


What gets you thinking about being creative? saturday-morning-sept-24-16-12

When is your creative musing unleashed?


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