Creative Space – Long Island Locks

Driving through the outskirts of the city, along one of my absolutely favourite routes, I come across a national historic site I never even knew was there.

From the dirt road parking lot through a green oasis comes the Long Island Locks.

The water is calm.  Pristine.

The surroundings unsuspecting that the waterway was originally built and cultivated as a preventive military measure.   These locks are just a small part of the Rideau Canal lock system.

Long Island Locks June 2016 (10)

Maintained by Parks Canada, open May to October (way too cold in winter) the locks are the oldest continuously run system in North America.

Peaceful.  Contemplative.  A relaxing creative space for meditation and reflection.

Long Island Locks June 2016 (15)And I couldn’t leave without a piece of fallen birch . . . my favourite.



So, where is your happy place?

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