WOn bookshelf keepersho was it  that said . . .“Good artist copy, great artists steal . . . or . . . Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.” 

Whoever they were, the ideas were two sides of the same coin.

Take a story and recreate it with your own ideas.

Isn’t this the true essence of storytelling?

There is only a handful of original stories in the world?  Everything else is simply retelling?

Fan fiction?

There are just some stories I never tire of hearing, movies that never get old, and books I read again and again.  And again . . .

They inspire me and jump start my creativity until I can’t help stopping to daydream about all of the what if moment, maybe if scenes, and the what I imagine happens after the author’s The End.

These authors and stories never fail to inspire me.  These movies I can watch again and again. 

Reason why I keep them on my desktop.  Inspiration on those rainy days.

keeper reads (1)


saturday-morning-sept-24-16-12Which stories inspire your creativity?  

Where do you go to refill your creative well?


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