Yup, the JTF2, and it’s what my Chimera Team romances are based upon.

Stationed in Dwyer Hill, a small town near Ottawa; Canada’s capital, the JTF2 training compound is where the team hones their special operations skills in counter-terrorism.  This where they become ‘scalpels, not hammers.’

With the team motto, “Deeds not words” these soldiers are the country’s silent protectors.  They’re private and committed to the protection of the country.

Canada has special forces (3)

“We act only when asked to by the Government of Canada.  We see ourselves as protectors, not avengers.  We stay silent about our actions.”

Their weapons?  Colt Canada series.  MacmillanTAC-50 sniper rifle.

Their job? The protection of Canadian national interest and combat terrorism at home and abroad.

Their attitude?  “We’re quiet professionals. We exist to serve Canada. We do what the Government asks of us, but please respect that we can’t tell everyone how we complete it.  We are by our nature secretive because we need to be discreet.  We don’t get recognition or fame for what we do.  We do it so that Canadians can sleep at night.”

Mercury (2)

My CHIMERA TEAM is a top-secret unit of the JTF2.  The Team is made up of hand-picked members of separate JTF2 units, chosen for their elite skills to carry out highly sensitive operations for the Canadian Government.  They come together, one mission at a time then disperse back to daily operations.

A chimera is a mythological beast, made from the parts of other animals, but does not really exist.  It is wildly imaginative, an implausible fiction, and an impossible dream.

Chimera team men are expected to think the impossible, do the impossible, and make the impossible happen.  They are also ordered to do it with stealth silence in the most heinous conditions.

So the question must be asked, how does a soldier live with himself after carrying out missions like that?

And how does a woman love a man who has decided to live his life like that?

Romantic Heartbeats COVERROMANTIC HEARTBEATS – Chimera Team prequel stories.




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