Who do you see or hear about and things just seem to fade around you? You stop and listen to hear whatever they say.330852_10151944543320578_621575479_o

I am inspired by a few people.

Joanna Penn – British author and blogger980572-espace-francophone-nous-avons-pays1452231_10152094774590826_854767023335947926_n
Michelle Obama – The First Lady
Rania Al Abdullah – Queen of Jordan
Michaelle Jean – Past Canadian Governor General



When these women speak, I stop and listen.

Their story interests me, as does their opinion or view point on things. I like what they say and am inspired to hear more.

In my workplace, I have a career mentor, Wendy. She didn’t come into the role by design, it just kind of evolved. She was my supervisor twenty years ago, then life happened and I didn’t see or work with her again until recently; however it wasn’t until we met again that I realized how much over the years her teaching has influenced my work.

I have made many decisions based solely on her words or example. It’s only now I finally see how much she’s inspired my daily work.

It’s important to have people to aspire to, real people who trudge through life before us, lead us to better things, but also reach back to help and guide us.
I don’t necessarily want to be like the people I aspire to, but I’d like to be able to make decisions like them, with courage and a bravery that allows them to be who they are, take chances, make changes, and keep going when things don’t go the way they hoped.

My mother had great courage, raising four daughters as a single mother in a time when divorce and single parenthood was frowned upon. She always kept going, after I grew up and faced difficult decisions of my own, she’d always say:


“If that’s what you have to do to keep things going, then that’s what you do to keep things going.”

Solid advice for daily living.


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